Planning & Budgeting

Before you begin apartment hunting you need to determine the average rent for the apartment you want.

St. Louis' average prices are as follows:

  • 1 Bedroom = $650-850
  • 2 Bedrooms = $850-1500
  • 3 Bedrooms = $1500-2300‚Äč
how much can I afford?

You will need to estimate how much rent you can afford whether you are planning to live with a roommate or live on your own. Consider all sources of income, including job earnings, financial aid, and parental support.  Almost all leases are for 12 months and require a security deposit equalling one month's rent.

In addition, renters usually pay for utilities such as cable, gas, phone, and electricity. There may be an installation or set-up fee associated with these utilities. The local utility companies can supply an average cost for any address. Remember to include other expenses such as tuition, food, laundry, transportation, and personal items.

Need help planiing for living off campus and getting your budget organized? Utilize the budget sheet.