S.O.S Share our Stuff​

Share Our Stuff is Washington University’s annual event to protect the environment and support those in need in our community by sharing our unwanted goods. Each year during on- and off-campus move-out, our campus community is responsible for the disposal of a tremendous amount of usable goods. These goods can be reused by people in need within our campus community and throughout our surrounding neighborhoods. Share Our Stuff is the university-wide collaborative designed to make it easy for all students to recycle their unwanted items at move out in a manner that benefits the environment and our community.

Yard Sale

This is an effort by ARS and Quadrangle Housing to enable students to donate/exchange or sell reusable items. ARS Yard Sale will allow students to post their reusable items located around the Washington University in St. Louis campuses. Items to be accepted will include furniture, small appliances, electronics and other items.

General rules


* No attachments--place pictures on a website or send them to individuals upon requested.

* Keep all posts relevant to the particular list. The ARS Yard Sale administrators will remove the postings if they detect misuse.

* The ARS Yard Sale lists are for the benefit of the WUSTL community including students, staff, and alumni. You are encouraged to tell your WUSTL friends and WUSTL coworkers about ARS Yard Sale, but please tell them to email ARS Yard Sale-owner with all questions, not the list itself.

* For each category, items must be legally transferrable and located in or delivered to the greater St. Louis area.

* Picking up items is not considered permission to enter a space that is usually inaccessible to you. Make arrangements with the seller/exchanger to schedule an appointment for pick up.

* This service is not linked with the WUSTL Campus Police or the Properties office. If you are not WUSTL affiliated, you may be trespassing on WUSTL's campus, and the Campus Police will not look kindly upon you removing property from WUSTL.

* Please note that breaking ARS Yard Sale rules may result in you being removed from the ARS Yard Sale lists for a period of time. So save this file and refer to it when you're not sure!


--> ARS Yard Sale FREE item guidelines: (This list is restricted WUSTL-affiliated students, staff, faculty, alumni, etc.)


* Include the type of item

* Include contact information (name, email, phone, etc.)

* Include pick up location

* Include approximate size/weight of item (will it require two people to carry, etc.)

You may offer items as "first come, first serve" or specifically select who will receive the item (s). If you expect money or other goods for your item, it must be posted to ARS Yard Sale-Sell item section. Once item (s) are gone contact ars@wustl.edu to remove the posting.

Items may not be left outside of your apartment; you are responsible for keeping your building clutter free.


--> ARS Yard Sale-Sell item guidelines


ARS Yard Sale-sell is for selling or bartering/ trading items.

Create a posting to include the following: the item (s), the price and contact information.

When the item is gone, please notify ARS (ars@wustl.edu) to update your information. Otherwise your positing will remain active for 30-days.



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